Breakfast €11

Naturally lit breakfast dining room in a warm and friendly setting


As soon as you wake up, you are invited to our naturally lit breakfast dining room in a warm and friendly setting overlooking the avenue du Maine in the heart of Montparnasse district.

Start you day out right with a full breakfast served in the dining room from 6 a.m.* to 11 a.m.

A breakfast buffet includes: coffee, several varieties of tea, herbal teas, hot chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice, cereals, white and whole-grain breads, fresh pastries from a Parisian artisan bakery, madeleine shell-shape cookies, jams, salted and unsalted butter, yoghurt, ham, cheese, etc.

We also propose gluten-free products.

Price: €11 Continental breakfast can be served in your room without extra charge starting from 7 a.m.

* Breakfast available before 6 a.m. by request.


Published on 02-12-2019
By Anonyme

Published on 01-12-2019
By Anonyme

Pain, viennoiseries, diversité, très bien. Déçue cependant pour ce prix-là de ne pas avoir du "vrai lait" pour un vrai chocolat
Published on 27-11-2019
By Anonyme

Tout ce qu'il faut sucré/salé du sans gluten et orange fraiches
Published on 26-11-2019
By LE G.

Grand choix au petit déjeuner
Published on 24-11-2019
By Anonyme

Nous sommes descendus vers 9 heures et il restait peu de viennoiseries , pas de pain.
Published on 24-11-2019
By .

Published on 20-11-2019
By roquebert

Published on 19-11-2019

on ne fait pas mieux: riche et diversifié ,équilibré en rapport glucides( rapides et lents) lipides (saturés et insaturés)et proteines diverses
Published on 14-11-2019
By Anonyme

La variété en salé/sucré
Published on 12-11-2019
By Anonyme

Du choix Très copieux
Published on 12-11-2019

Published on 12-11-2019
By Anonyme